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Important points about treatment of high blood pressure include:

– Blood pressure obtained at home is often more accurate than that obtained in doctor’s office. The blood pressure measured in doctor’s office can be influenced and be higher because of the white coat effect.

– You can buy a blood pressure cuff from a local pharmacy and these are fairly accurate. You can show your measurements to your doctor during your visit.

– I often find Nephrologist or kidney specialists to be most capable in treating hypertension. Even if you see a cardiologist or an internist, I believe a one time visit to a kidney specialist is certainly worthwhile as to make sure the treatment you are getting for your high blood pressure is appropriate.

– Hypertension combined with diabetes requires very close monitoring as these patients have higher risk of stroke, heart attack, eye, and kidney damage. These patients should also be followed by a nephrologist (kidney specialist) and an endocrinologist (diabetic specialist) to ensure adequate control of both diseases.

– Life style modification is needed in most cases to ensure best results. These include weight loss, smoking cessation, dietary modification, and exercise among others.